Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Chick-fil-A Gift Card and Free Calender

This Saturday while we were at the mall with friends we decided to eat at Chick-fil-A for lunch. I had heard that Chick-fil-A was offering up a deal where you could buy a $20 gift card and get a calender for free. That sounded like an okay deal that was sweetened with the fact that we were able to use coupons from the calender that were for free items so in the end we only paid $6 for our meal and we were able to just pay with the gift card we had purchased! How great is that! I am very impressed with this year's calender because they are all for free items not the buy such and such and you will get something free, like they have been in the past. If you have not gotten one go out today! Here is a list of the coupons in the calender:

Free biscuit or free small bowl of chicken soup, free large Sprite, free chicken strip (3 count), free medium lemonade, free small milkshake, free Dasani water and small fruit cup, free chicken salad sandwich, free large Coke Zero, free chicken sandwich, free large Coke, free large Diet Coke, free Chicken minis(3 count) or large waffle fry.

Don't you just love to hear the sound of that? FREE!FREE!FREE!Most Chick-fil-A's will let you use the coupons even outside the month that they are for. These also make great gifts for family or friends. Last but not least if your Chick-fil-A has Family Fun night like ours does on Tuesdays this gift card and calender will be of great benefit! You can check out our Family Fun Nights at: bjandkathy.blogspot.com. If your Chick-fil-A does not have one of these check with them and see what reoccurring family events they do host, they are usually really good and cheap! Hope you can join in the fun!

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