Monday, November 23, 2009

My Frugal Journey

I am a stay at home mom with two precious boys, Trey,2 years and Josiah,8 months. My husband is in full-time ministry with college students and currently also works at Starbucks. We love working with college students and also we love coffee so it is a win, win for us all.
I began my frugal journey really about a year ago. I had attempt to coupon and save about 3 times before and ended up discouraged and disappointed each time. It just never seemed to work for me. This past January I ran into MoneySavingMom's blog and saw a deal for diapers that seemed easy and doable. I used the few coupons I had on hand and got the diapers and it was actually successful. After this victory, I began to collect more coupons and read more blogs and not only was I inspired but really seeing continuous success! We took our grocery bill from over $400 for 3 to $260 with another baby on the way. Since then I have been challenging myself to cut our household cost through shopping the sales at grocery stores and drug stores with coupons. It has been an amazing journey that is continuing on as I learn more about saving from others that have been doing it much longer than I have and sharing what I am learning with others who want to help their families save. I started all of this to help us get out of old debt that we have had since the beginning of our marriage and that both my husband and I are committed to getting out of! This is a big shout out to Dave Ramsey and other Christian financial advisors that have been helping us out along the way. As believers, my husband and I want to live our life even in our finances in such a way that honors our Lord. I have begun this blog to not only keep myself accountable but as an encouragement and resource center for others wanting to help their families make the most of what they have in their finances. In the next few weeks and months I will be posting about what I have learned and resources that will help you save money for you and your family. I am looking forward to the journey with you!

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