Sunday, November 29, 2009

November Challenge: Week 3

We are still trying to keep up our November Challenge even as we travel which has been good in some ways and more difficult in others. We have been out of town since Thursday a week ago and have been staying with friends and family. The great thing is that we have been basically eating with them and not having to buy much groceries (Thanks Nikki and mom!). The difficult thing is that we have had to eat on the go more than usual. Thankfully, we had some Wendy's gift cards and the Chick-fil-A coupons and gift card so it was not much out of pocket cost. I was away from my computer and busy keeping up with our two little ones and our adventures so I did not post much last week but here is my round up.


I tried CVS for the first time because they had a diaper deal and I had a $4 off $20 coupon they sent me for signing up for the Extra Care Bucks card. As a side note this was my first trip because we do not have one in our town and every time I have visited another city with one the deals have not seemed that great that week. Here are our deals with pics:

1st Transaction:

Huggies diapers-$9.50
Huggies Pull-ups-$9.49
Huggies Wipes-$6.99
-$2.00 Pull-Ups MQ
-$3.00 Diaper MQ
-$2.00 Diaper product MQ
-$4.00 CVS Coupon
=$16.29(tax included)

Received $5.00 ECB's

I planned a 2nd transaction but they were out of the Complete Contact Rinse that was free ($8.99 with $8.99 ECB back) I tried to do it when we went to Augusta for my husband's family Thanksgiving but they were out of it too. While I was in the store in Augusta I decided just to walk around and familiarize myself with CVS. As I was walking around I saw they had some skin cleansers and deodorant on clearance and decided to go ahead and use my ECBs. Sorry no pic for this one. Here is what I got:

Dry Idea Clinical Strength- Orig. $9.99 Clearance-$2.50
(2)Biore Cleanser-Orig. $7.99 Clearance-$4.00
Clearasil Cleanser-Orig. $5.50 Clearance $2.75
-(2)$2.00 Biore MQ
-$2.00 Clearasil MQ
-$5.00 ECB
=$3.18(tax included)

Overall it was a great experience but I learned something as a CVS newbie. I did not know that you had to give them the ECB from the bottom of your previous receipt so I am glad that I had kept my receipt. The savings were great though I was a little disappointed because the Dry Idea had been opened by someone previous to me and I had seen there was a coupon inside that I tried to use which would have made it only $.50 but I did not realize it was for the next time you bought the deodorant. Boo! It was still a great savings on the deodorant and they were all things we could use. In addition, I was able to get some experience with using ECBs and shopping at CVS. Yay, for new things!


We went to my mom's house on Sunday and she had received some Kroger coupons in the mail and in them were for several free items. She could not believe they were truly free so I went with her to purchase them as well as some other items. Here is a picture of the free items we were able to get.

We also got a Cranberry Oceanspray juice that is not in the picture because we were already enjoying it. My mom was very kind and sent me away with all that is pictured. How great are moms! So if you live around a Kroger or shop there regularly be on the lookout for these mailouts if you have not already received them. They also have other manufacturer coupons and store coupons included.

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