Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Coupons: Getting Started (Part Three)

There are some great reasons to get multiple inserts. One of them is that it multiplies your ability to get items really cheap or Free! I had never thought in these terms before. I would just cut my little coupon and try to take it in to get it a little cheaper than usual but what I have learned is that if you shop sales at grocery stores, drug stores, and Target you can score some really good deals and/or freebies. If you have multiple coupons you can get several at the lowest price possible with your coupons and the store sale and not have to pay full price for the item almost ever. This is called "stockpiling". One way to get multiple inserts is to recruit family members or friends who get a paper but do not use the coupons to save them and give them to you. I have heard of others making arrangements with coffee shops or restrauants that keep them and give them to them. I have not done this but others have.

But after you get all these great coupons how do you know where the sales are and how to get literally the best bang for your buck? What I have done is found 3 great websites (blogs really) that I follow. I would love to have the time to go out and find the best deals but with two young babes and a husband in ministry it is just not realistic for me at this stage. So I have started following these 3 women who have been savvy shopping for a lot longer than I have. There are actually a lot of good blogs out there helping people to save money but these are just the three I follow for simplicity sake and I will share why for each.
Chrystal Paine is the author of this blog and she is very thrifty in life and family savings. She is a Christian and shares a lot of insight in saving money and couponing. She spends only $40 a week on groceries for a family of 5! She is encouraging, transparent, and very frugal.
Jenny Martin is the author of this blog and she is the queen of grocery savings in the South. If you live in the south she covers almost every grocery store that I know of and she posts the weekly sales and coupon matchups for each of them. She covers the drugstores and coupon match ups as well. She has been amazingly helpful to our family in saving us money in our grocery and household bills. Interestingly enough she is also the sister-in-law of one of the women in my church. Who knew?
Collin is the author of this blog and she is cute, fun and seems to always have the down low on great deals and freebies. She knows a lot of deals on the internet as well as in-store. She posts some deals that I have not seen on other sites. I like her because I have run across tons of freebies or really cheap deals that I have been able to take advantage of because of her. She also has some really cute tutorials on anything from Coupon Organization to shopping at individual stores.

These women have almost become staples at our house in helping us become more frugal and stretch every dollar that we can. I will be posting their links on my blog later so you can check them out. You may find some other blogs to be helpful for who you are and what you are looking for also. I would encourage you to not try to follow too many at one time. It can really be overwhelming. I hope this helps and Happy Savings!

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