Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Coupons: Getting Started (Part Two)

This is the Second edition in "Coupons: Getting Started". If you missed the intro just click here. Today I wanted to discuss ways to get some of those great coupons that will save us money! When people are first starting out I just encourage them with just beginning to collect coupon inserts from the Sunday newspaper. I think this is the most simple way that anyone can do with the least chance of being overwhelmed. If you have already started doing this then you can add to your collection in a few other ways. One is that several large newspapers have inserts in the middle of the week (Wednesday or Thursday). These tend to be variations of the previous or the upcoming weeks' inserts. I will talk tomorrow about why these would be helpful to have.

Paper Coupons
There are traditionally 3 different coupon insert possibilites in the paper.

Smart Source-which you will see referred to as "SS"
Red Plum-which you will see referred to as "RP"
Proctor and Gamble-which you will see referred to as "PG"
(Not all of these are in the paper every week)
*There will sometimes be coupons in the Parade or news magazine too.

In addition to the newspapers, there are also places to find coupons that you may not be aware of or have never thought of. Here are a few:

-Various Magazines (Better Homes and Gardens, Living, and others)
-All You Magazine (This has the most of any magazines that I have found)
-Mail outs from companies (with samples and without)
-Mail outs from stores
-Products in the store
-Store published books or pamplets
**Just keep your eyes peeled for them in various places

There are others that I may not have mentioned but please feel free to post any that I have not thought of.

Internet Printables
It has been a great thing that coupons have gone web savvy! There are some great ones out there to be had and I am not sure that I can cover them all but I will certainly try to hit on the biggest ones I know.

-Coupons.com (One of the largest databases that I am aware of and they are reset each month)
-Company Websites (like SC Johnson-make products like Glade,Oust and others- that you can subscribe to and they will send you newsletters and coupons.) At times these companies will have items that they are promoting that they will have high value coupons for.
-Stores also have internet printables (Walgreens, grocery stores, CVS, Rite Aid, Target, and others)

*Another tech savvy coupons are e-coupons(or electronic coupons) that you can actually upload on your shopping card for a certain store, Kroger has one. You upload these on your shopping card and can be used in addition to other paper and printable coupons. Click here for the Kroger e-coupons. Upromise is another form of electronic coupons that when used puts money in an account for college for your children. Click here for more info and registration for Upromise. (Incidentally these are the two I know least about personally).

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