Saturday, December 5, 2009

November Challenge: Week 4

This has been the last week of our November challenge and here is how it went:

Big Lots- spent $6.00
Wal-Mart- spent $7.46
Bi-Lo-spent- spent $5.17
Walgreens- spent $2.33

Total was $20.96

(Sorry there are no pics for this week. The boys were sick and it just did not happen.)

I am glad we did this challenge to see how it would go with spending less and being more creative with what we have. I feel like it gave me another opportunity to make the most of what we have and we will review our expenses and experience in the next week and see if we need to make adjustments to our current budget to spend less than the $60 we have been spending. I will update you and let you know what we decide. I know I missed out on some good deals but with sick kiddies that was the last thing I wanted to be concerned about. Instead we snuggled in and stayed at home. I am hoping they will be better soon. Hope you had a great week of savings!

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