Friday, December 4, 2009

Rite Aid: Made Simple

Rite Aid has become one of my favorite drugstores to shop at. I never thought that drugstores could compare to the prices at Walmart but boy was I wrong. I really feel like I am being paid to shop at Rite Aid. "What do you mean?", you may be asking. Well, let me explain why. They have a program called Single Check Rebate or "SCR". It is the most simple program of any drugstores.

Each month there are certain products that are eligible for Single Check Rebate or "SCR". There is a monthly catalog that can be found in the store or online that list all the products and the "SCR" rebate for that item. Many times the "SCR" can make an item free or at a cheaper price. For example say they have Crest toothpaste on sale for $2.49 and there is a "SCR" for $2.49 for it, therefore making it free after you get the rebate back. Though you may have to pay an out of pocket cost you will be receiving a check back for $2.49, making it free. The great thing is that in addition to this you can use a manufacturer coupon when you purchase the item, making it even less out of pocket cost for you. For example if you have a dollar coupon for the Crest toothpaste mentioned above you would only spend $1.49 out of pocket but you would get back the $2.49, making it $1 money maker. The "SCR" are not always free but instead will make an item cheaper and when combined with a manufacturer coupon will make it even cheaper or sometimes free. So how do you get a Single Check Rebate?

1. Purchase the products that you want for that week from Rite Aid that have a "SCR" for them. (They will be advertised in the weekly circular at your store and online)

2. Sign up on the Rite Aid website here when you get home.

3. Enter your receipt information. (They tell you step by step how-to)

4. They will process your info. and send you an email letting you know it is processing and then another in about a week when those items are confirmed.(You can keep up with what you have rebates for in your account during the month. They have it listed individually and the combined total that you will be receiving back.)

5. When you are ready to receive your check for the items you purchased, simply log into your account and press the "request rebate" button. They will confirm that you are ready for it to be sent and then it will be on its way to you.

**WARNING** Do not request your check until you are done purchasing all your items for the month. They only send out one rebate check a month and if you do it too early you cannot get the "SCR" for other items that month. ( I usually wait until the end of the month to request my rebate just in case a deal comes up that I cannot pass up)

When you get your check you can deposit it, cash it, whatever you want!!! That is the great thing about the Rite Aid "Single Check Rebate" program. It is money in your pocket!

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