Monday, December 7, 2009

Savings This Week

Took a trip to Bi-Lo because we are going out of town tomorrow and this is what I scored:

1 can Pumpkin-$1.49

10 boxes of whole wheat spaghetti-$1.00 each
-(5)$.55/2 mq(doubled)=$.45 each

4 containers of Pilsbury frosting-$.97 each
-(4) $.40 mq(doubled)=$.17 each

1 package Luvs diapers-$6.99
-$5 mq (mailout)=$1.99

1 Ban Clinical Strength Roll-On-Close out $3.49
-$1 mq=$2.49

1 Gillette Body Wash-$3.96
-Free Body Wash w/ purchase of Deodorant=FREE!

1 Gillette Deodorant-Close out $2.24
-$1 mq=$1.24

3 Land 0 Lake's Butter-$1.50 each
-(3)$.50 mq(doubled)=$.50 each

6 Coffee Mates-$1.66 each
-(6)$.50 mq(doubled)=$.66 each

3 Daisy Sour Creams-$1.66 each
-(3)$.50 mq(doubled)=$.66 each

1 package drumsticks-$3.08
-$1.50 store coupon=$1.58

2 packages Hillshire Farms Cocktail Turkey Weiners-$1.99 each
-(2)$.55 mq(doubled)=$.89 each

1 package Johnsonville Italian Sausage-$1.99
-$.55 mq(doubled)=$.89 each

1 bag 5lb. Russet Potatos-$1.99


Total before coupon and bonuscard savings was: $87.28
Spent OOP(Out of Pocket: $26.19(with tax-$28.37)
Savings of: 69%

Woohoo! My favorite was the Closeout on the deodorant and free body wash! I paid $1.24 for both of them combined! The great thing about it is that is my husband's favorite body wash. I hope your week of savings goes great too!

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