Friday, December 18, 2009

This Week's Bi-Lo Trip

It was an okay week for shopping. I feel like I get spoiled and that every experience has to be a great one, but I just needed a couple of baking items and cooking items for our discipleship weekend this weekend as well as some pretty good deals like the Wet Ones and Marcal Napkins. So here is what I got:

All purpose flour-$1.50

Betty Crocker Potatoes-$1.25
- $.50 mq (doubled)= $.25

(4)Betty Crocker Cookie Mix-$1.00 each
- (4)$.40 mq (doubled)= $.20 each

Baking Soda-$.99


(2)Lipton Soup Mix-$1.50 each
-$.60/2 mq (doubled)= $.90 each

Wishbone Dressing-$2.00
*Sad because did not realize I had a coupon for $.75 off which would have made it $1.25

King Arthur Whole Wheat Flour-$1.99 (Close Out)

Pumpkin Pie Spice-$1.49

(3)Bounty Basics Paper Towels-$.66 each
-(3) $.25 mq (doubled)= $.16 each

Marcal Napkins-$1.49q
Free mq = FREE

(2)Marcal Tissues-$.84 each
-(2)Free mq= FREE

(2)Containers of Wet Ones-$1.38 each
-(2)$1.50 mq=$.28(OVERAGE)each

(4)Containers of International Creamers-$1.50 each
-(4)$.55 mq=$.40 each

(2)Containers of Helluva Dip-$1.79 each
-(2)$.50 mq=$.79 each

*We have gotten quite a bit of creamer lately but we are avid coffee drinkers as well as we host college students quite a bit. It is a little funny though. Hope your shopping week went well.

Total before savings-$56.28
Total after coupons and savings-$16.34
Savings of 71%

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