Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Diapers, Freebies and More

Caregivers Marketplace
I wanted to share with all you mommies out there a great program that pays you to purchase diapers! The program is Caregivers Marketplace and they give you cash back for purchasing select products. They have several products for taking care of elderly or those needing special assistance but they also have Huggies, Good Nites and Pull-Ups for infants. They give you $.75 per package purchased, back.

Here is what you do:

*Register at
*Shop for your diapers wherever you want
*Fill out the form (you can print one from online)
*Mail them the form and receipts
*They will send you a rebate check in the mail

There are a couple of things to make you aware of:
1)You can submit a receipt as soon as you have 5 qualifying items
2)To know what items qualify check the form before purchasing

What I have done is separate the year in half. I collect my receipts from January-June and then again July-December. That way I only send it in twice a year but I get a larger check, mine for January-June was $12.75. You do have to keep up with your receipts, but I already do that anyway. I love this program!

Publix Baby Club and Preschool Club

A couple of other really cool programs are Publix's Baby Club and Preschool Club. They are both free programs Publix offers and they are awesome to take advantage of! Here are a few things they offer in these programs:

Publix Baby Club-(Ages 0-2 years)
*Valuable coupons (these are ususally pretty high in value and sometimes Free!)
*A copy of "Caring for Your Baby and Young Child" by the American Academy of Pediatrics ($20 value) For First time Parents Only

Preschool Pals-(2-4 years)
*Quarterly Newsletters
*Informative Website
*Cards on their birthdays
*Coloring Book(2 years)
*CD-Rom (3 years)
*And other cool prizes (We received an adorable cooking apron from them and Trey loves it!)

So go and check out these great programs, I know you will love them!

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  1. I am excited about caregiver's marketplace! Thanks for letting me know!