Monday, January 18, 2010

Eating From The Pantry: Week Three

So, we are into week three of Eating Out of the Pantry and I feel like this experience has been an education in and of itself. It has forced me to be more creative and resourceful than I ever would have thought. Many of my friends are much more talented in the cooking and baking arena than I am but at least this challenge is growing me in these areas! This week's menu planning took a little longer than before but I am excited about what it will look like. We will be having some repeat items from last week but we will have some new items on the menu as well. So here we go:

Monday-Bean soup with sausage and Dinner Rolls from Money Saving Mom

Tuesday-Black bean, corn, and cheese quesadillas (w/sour cream and salsa-homemade by my aunt)

Wednesday-Salmon patties with veggies

Thursday-Venison hamburgers


I will be posting pictures on Friday with our results from shopping too! I am having to practice some self-control this week because Bi-Lo is having such good deals, but I really am trying to stay below my goal of $20. I would love to share how we came out so make sure to come back on Friday! If you are participating in Eating Out of the Pantry Challenge check out Life As Mom to see how others are taking part as well!


  1. I have been doing the eating out of the Pantry challenge too. However, I started Dec 1st due to necessity. I would advise this one thing. Don't be so fast to stick to your $20 goal as to overlook one item that you need to make a meal. I made the mistake of sticking to my budget only to miss a 1.00 item i needed it cost me more in gas to get back to the store to purchase it. So keep your thinking cap on as well during this process.

  2. Thanks anonymous, that is a good word. I battle between the two and I think you are right. I want to have a goal but don't have to stick to regulations just because!