Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I Am Lovin' Freebies and Coupons!

I am lovin' going to the mail these days! Almost every day I have gone to the mail to find some awesome coupons and freebies! Here are some of what we have received this week:

*Coupon for a Free bag of Stacy's Chips--Became a facebook fan
*Coupon for a Free pint container of International Creamer--Became a facebook fan
*Coupon for B1G1 Free Starkist from Vocalpoint
*Coupons and Samples from Proctor and Gamble
*Coupon for a free Starbucks drink and (2) coupons for free perfect oatmeal ( I really think we were only supposed to get one but yay for two!)

Starbucks Rewards Program- We are part of the rewards program where you register your Starbucks card and you receive 1 point for every purchase. As you accumulate points you move to the green level when you have 5. You move to the gold level when you have 30+.

At the Welcome Level:
*A Free drink on your birthday
*Free Wi-Fi for up to 2 hours

At the Green Level:
*Free Beverage Customization: free syrup and milk/soy
*Free refills on brewed coffee
*Free tall beverage with a purchase of 1 lb. coffee
*Free trial offers

At the Gold Level:
*Free Drink every 15 stars
*Personalized Gold Card
*Personalized Offers and coupons

Check out more about Starbucks Reward Program!
Photo Credit: UM Sizzle

1 comment:

  1. Yay!!!!

    I want some more coupons to come to my door:)
    I finally received the Starkist coupon from Vocalpoint yesterday.