Saturday, January 2, 2010

Kmart Toy Clearance and Deals

I went to Kmart tonight to exchange a Sillysuitcase Mrs. Potato Head for a Mr. Potato Head that I had bought our son for Christmas and found some great deals. They had the Mr. Potato Head Sillysuitcase on for sale, regularly $16.99, now for $10. They also had the Swing and Score baseball toy for sale, regularly $17.99, now for $10. I had the $5 mq from last month and also a $5 mq from for the Swing and Score. I was super excited and saw their toy clearance aisle as I was leaving and went to check it out! They had several things in their clearance aisle but two caught my eye. They had a Fisher-Price Sesame Street themed Happy Helpers Clean Up Friends marked down from $14.99 to $3.50, right at 80% off! Also, there was Playskool Blocksters, Stack and Nest that were originally $6.99 now were $1.50, again right at 80% off. I got one of each. I was almost skipping down the aisles. When I got to the register they rang up actually as $2.80 and $1.20. Amazing! The total for the Mr. Potato Head, Swing and Score, Happy Helpers, and Blocksters was $14 before tax ($15.68 w/tax). My husband and I thought the deals for the clearance items were so good I went back for more. We always need baby presents. I went back and got 4 more Sesame Street Happy Helpers at $2.80 each and 6 Blocksters at $1.20 each and the total came to $18.40 before tax ($19.69 w/tax). So I got everything for $35.37 OOP for $168.86 worth of toys!

The Sillysuitcase Mr./Mrs. Potato Head and the Swing and Score will be on sale for $10 until February 8th(they are advertised in the circular at Kmart) so if you have any of the $5 coupons go get them now! While you are there check out the toy clearance section and let me know what great deals you score! Looking forward to hearing them!

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