Friday, January 22, 2010

Lots of Goodies for A Little Money!

We are in Week 3 of Eating Out of the Pantry and I am trying to spend $20 or less per week this month in groceries and necessities. Just to let you know I went a little over this week,sadly. It was difficult this week because Bi-Lo had such good deals it was hard not to get them all. While I was in Bi-Lo for our first purchases I saw the 8th Continent soymilk were on sale and it ended that day so I sent my husband for them later. There was a $2 printable online and they were on sale for $2.50! Woohoo! Check out our other great deals from this week too!


Transaction 1:

(6)Chi-Chi tortilla shells-$1.69 (B1G1)
-(3)$1/2 mq= $.35 each

(4)Muellers pasta-$1
-(2)$1/2 mq= $.50 each

Earthgrain Bread-$2.50
- $.55 mq (doubled)=$1.40 each

(2)Beech-nut Banana Cookie-$1.78 (B1G1)
-(2) $.75 mq= $.14 each

Marcal Paper Towels-$9.99 (B1G1)
- $2 mq= $2.99 each

(4)Band-Aid Bandaids-$1.59(Closeout)
-(4)$1 mq= $.59 each

Danimals Yogurt Smoothie-$4/2
-$1 mq=$1 each

Stonyfield Farm Yogurt-$.99 (B1G1)
-$.75/3=$.15 each

Gallon of Milk-$3.19


Total-$16.95 (18.35 w/tax) Savings of 70%

Transactions 2:(sorry, no pic)

(4) cartons 8th Continent Soymilk
-(4) $2 mq= $.50 each

(2) Beech-Nut Banana Cookies-$1.78 (B1G1)
-(2) $.75 mq= $.14 each

(2) Candy bars $.50

Total=$3.28 ($3.67 w/tax) Savings of 80%


2 packs of Pampers 2/$10
Valentine Tumbler $.39
-(2) $2 Pampers mq
-8 RR

Total: $8.39 ($9.82 w/tax)

Total OOP for Week 3=$31.84-$27 (cash for this week and last week leftovers)=$4.84 over that will need to be taken from next week's cash amount.

Obviously I went a little over this week but will try to make up the difference next week. How did your week go? Would love to hear! I will post on Monday our Eating out of the Pantry update and Menu.

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