Monday, January 25, 2010

Our Last Week of Eating Out of the Pantry

This will be the last week of eating out of the pantry for the Jordan household. It has been a fun challenge and I have learned a lot. It seems so elementary that I should know more about using up what we have already, rather than purchasing more and more and not utilizing and being creative with what is already in our pantry. This opportunity has been great to try new recipes, be creative with what we have on hand, and see how much we really can stretch our dollars. One of the main ways we saved money this past few weeks is that we did not buy any meat. I never thought that was possible, but it has worked! I am convinced with the success of this month that I will try this again in a few months maybe with a few different rules but the same principles will be in place. It truly has been an adventure and I look forward to finishing strong this week!

Here is our menu for the week:

Monday-Venision hamburgers

Tuesday-Bean quesadiallas ( A new favorite around our home, especially with Chi-Chi's tortillas being $.35 last week)

Wednesday-Salmon patties

Thursday- beef stirfry in pita pockets

Friday-Sausage and bean soup


Again, this is our planned menu but we will be flexible as we get creative during the week. If you have joined in Eating out of the Pantry Challenge I would love to hear how it went this week!

I am looking forward to this weekend when I will join Money Saving Mom and Life As Mom in February Freezer Cooking Days. Want to know more about it? Check it out the above facebook page or wait for my post on Friday!

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