Friday, January 29, 2010

Savings This Week


Hunt's Ketchup-$1


4 packs Crystal Light-$2.50 each
-(4)$2.00 mq when purchase Nabisco crackers=$.50 each

4 packs Nabisco 100 calorie crackers-B1G1 $3.29 ($1.64 each)
-(2) $2/2 Nabisco mq=$.64 each

Gatorade drink-$1
- $.50 mq (doubled)=Free

2 Fuze drinks-$1.25 each
-(2)$.55 mq (doubled)=$.15 each

-$1 mq mailout=Free

2 Sargento Shredded Cheeses-$2.00
-(2) $.55 "All You" mq (doubled)=$.90 each

2 Daisy sour creams-$1.66 each
-(2) $.50 (doubled)=$.66 each

Birds Eye Veggies-$2 (B1G1 Raincheck)
- $.35 mq (doubled)= $.40 each

Total before Savings=$52.01
Total after Savings=$14.28 ($15.26 tax included)
Savings of-73%

Walgreens: (sorry, no pic)

Went to do the Huggies RR deal but we had a little kink in the program. Here is what I bought:

4 Butterball Chicken broths ($.50 each w/in ad coupon)=$2
2 Sure deodorants (2/$3 w/in ad coupon)
2 packs Pull ups
1 pack Huggies diapers
1 caramel (filler item)
-$3 RR
-(2) $1 Sure deodorant mq
-(2) $2 Pull ups mq
- $2 Huggies diaper mq
-$1 Coloring book coupon for Huggies (should take of $3, one for each diaper/pull up)

Total OOP=$18.30 ($20.26 w/tax)

*The problem came when I tried to use the coloring book coupon, it beeped and they tried it several ways, finally one of the supervisors just price adjusted the pull ups and diapers down $1. Unfortunately that brought my total down to $24 spent on Huggies products rather than the $25 needed for the $5 RR. I was a little disappointed but what could I say they really worked with me on this. You win some and you lose some ,but I still got some great deals!

Walmart: (sorry no pic)
I went to Walmart just to purchase a few items for February freezer day that I did not have but they had some freebies with coupons so we got those too!

3 bottles of Heinz ketchup-$1.58 each
-(3) $.75 mq = $.83 each

4 Johnsons soaps- $.97 each
-(4) $1 Johnsom mq=Free


2 Huggies wipes-$1.64 each
(2) $1 mq= $.64 each

2 packages ground beef-$1.98 each

4 packs of Ivory soap-$1.07
-(4) $1 mq= $.07 each

Container of cottage cheese-$1.50

Neutrogena Facial Soap-$1.97
-$2 "All You" mq=Free

3 cans of Cream of Mushroom-$.92 each

1 Container yogurt-$1.72

Total before coupons-$33.43
Total OOP-$19.18 ($20.72 w/tax)
Savings of-43%


  1. Where do you get the coloring book at Walgreen's? I have asked 2 cashiers at my store and they don't know what I'm talking about.

  2. I got them last fall by the pharmacy. Sometimes they have them in the children's book section. It seems that there are not many of them to be found in the spring. They expire in March.