Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Walgreens: Made Simple

The title is kind of an humorous because Walgreens system of saving is the most complicated of them all. I am going to attempt to make it as simple as possible because I know for new couponers you just want things as simple as they can be. There are some great things about Walgreens if you use coupons.

1) They accept manufacturer coupons
2) You can stack both manufacturer coupons and store coupons
3) They have Register Rewards that you receive when you purchase certain items
-Register Rewards or (RR) can be used in the store to purchase other items with a few exceptions.
-Register Rewards can be used to lower your cost on other items you are purchasing along with manufacturer coupons and you can also use them on items that generate other Register Rewards with the exception that they cannot be from the same manufacturer.

For example: A couple of weeks ago I bought some Renu Contact Cleaner that generated $8 RR. Today I went to Walgreens and purchased 2 packages of Pampers that were on sale for 2 for $20. They also generated $3 RR, making it like you are paying $17 because you receive the $3 RR back. On top of that I had 2 $2 manufacturer coupons that I used as well. So this is what it looked like:

(2)packages $10 each
-(2) $2 Pampers mq = $8 each

*Now is where it is a little complicated. An RR functions as manufacturer coupons and you cannot stack one manufacturer coupon on another so in order for me to use my RR I need a small filler item (the cheapest thing that I can find in the store) for my RR to attach to. For me I got a valentine cup for $.39, so now my transaction looks like this:

(2)packages $10 each
(1) cup $.39
-(2) $2 Pampers mq = $8 each
-$8 RR= $8.39($9.82 w/tax) OOP and I received $3 RR

So that is one scenerio and if I wanted to "roll" this scenario I could either hold onto the RR for a future deal that will generate other RR or I could go ahead and have a second transaction prepared from this week's circular like:

(2) Wet Ones for $2 each
-(2) $1.50 Wet Ones mq =$1 OOP and you will receive $1 RR (so it is like you are getting it Free)

If you wanted to use the $3 RR you would need to purchase another $2 item for the RR to hook onto and to use up all of the $3RR. You can never have more "coupons" including RR than items or the register will beep and you will have to find another item.

Like I said previously, Walgreens is by far the most complicated system in the drugstore arena but this is all I have in my town besides Rite-Aid and I have come to love them both. I really feel like they both want my business and it is worth it to shop there! If you do have problems in-store you can contact their corporate office and my experience has been that they are very responsive. If you have any problems with your RR not printing you can get the contact number for the Catalina company that prints the RR from a Walgreens cashier. The representatives from the Catalina company were very kind when I had difficulties and sent me the RR in two weeks. I would love to hear from you if you have any questions or would like to share your Walgreens experiences!

I almost forgot Walgreens also has monthly savings booklets that can be paired with store coupons for name brand products. In addition they have coloring books that they put out that have store coupons for children's products in them and they have healthy life booklets usually near the pharmacy and diabetes magazines that have manufacturer coupons as well. I hope I haven't forgot any! So go on out there and have fun in Walgreens!

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