Friday, February 12, 2010

Couponing With Peaches at Bi-Lo

Last Friday my pastor's wife called me and asked to go shopping with me and for me to show her how to coupon, so on Monday we made a plan to meet at Bi-Lo on Tuesday morning.  I love helping others learn to use coupons and seeing how excited they get at saving money is just a joyous for me as it is for them.  So Tuesday morning we met at Bi-Lo with me, the boys, and Peaches.  It was really fun, Peaches was so helpful with the boys and was delighted at all the savings, she made it really fun for me.  It did take us a while but it was well worth it.  Here is our round up.  
  • Peaches' original total was about $200 and she spent only $137.  She did not have any coupons and I gave her a few of mine for things she could use for her household.  She saved about 32% with only a few coupons and with the sales.  
  • My original total was $90.79 and I spent $28.72 a savings of 68% with coupons and sales.

Here is how I spent it:

2 packs of White Applesauce $.98 each
 Final Price= $1.55

3 Cans of El Paso Refried Beans $1.25 each
-(3) $.55 mq (doubled to $1.10 each)
Final Price=$.15 each

2 bottles of Gatorade $.88 each
-(2) $.50 mq (doubled)
Final Price=Free

2 Packs of McCormick Taco Seasoning $.54 each
- $.25/2 mq (doubled)
Final Price=$.29 each

2 Packs of McCormick Chili Seasoning $.67 each
-$.25/2 mq (doubled)
Final Price=$.42 each

3 Cans Rotel $1 each
- $.30 mq (doubled)
Final Price=$.40 each

2 Bags of New York Texas Toast Croutons $1.25 each
- $.55 mq (doubled)
Final Price=$.15 each

Texas Pete Hot Sauce $.69
-.50 mq (doubled)
Final Price=Free

80 Foot Reynold Wrap $2.99
-$1 mq from booklet found in the store
Final Price=$1.99

4 Hefty Storage Bags $1.44 each
-(2) $1/2 mq
Final Price=$.94 each

2 Bounty Basics $.67 each
-(2) $.25 mq (doubled)
Final price=$.17 each

Mr. Clean Eraser $1.17
- $.75 mq from P&G mailer
Final Price=$.42 

2 Containers Wet Ones $1.39
-(2) $.75 mq
Final Price=$.64 each

Softsoap handsoap $1
- $.35 mq (doubled)
Final Price=$.40*

4 packs of Kraft Shredded Cheese $1.66 each
-(2) $1/2 mq
Final Price=$1.17 each

3 containers Breakstone Sour Cream $.99
-(3)$.55 mq
Final Price=Free

1 Carton of Milk $3.22

2 Bags of Armour Meatballs $1.99 each
-$.55 mq (doubled)
Final Price $.89 each

Carrots $.99

Bananas $1.39

Olay Bodywash $1.99 Closeout
-$1 mq
Final Price=$.99*

Total Before Savings=$90.79
Total After Coupons and Sales=$28.72 ($30.75 w/tax)

*One problem with the Softsoap and Olay Bodywash is that in the chaos of shopping I misplaced these two coupons and so I paid the stated price of $1 and $1.99, sadly.  We all make mistakes!  

The easiest way to get started with grocery savings in the South is to check out Jenny at  She does the weekly sales and coupon match ups for almost all the stores in the south.  You can even print off a list to take with you!

How was your shopping this week?  Would love to hear about your savings as well!

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