Monday, February 22, 2010

Menu Planning Monday

To be honest we never have a normal week but then again who does? We are just trying to go with the flow of life and ministry.  BJ has staff meetings this week ,Wednesday through Thursday, so that means we will probably be eating out with the staff  at least on Wednesday.    I do have a plan for the rest of the week, that helps me have some sense of normalcy if nothing else.   So this is what I am planning for this week:

Monday-Spaghetti Cheese Pie and salad

Tuesday-Salsa Chicken and brown rice

Wednesday-Dinner out

Thursday-White Chili soup

Friday-Meatballs with rice and gravy

Saturday-Chicken Cordon Bleau  *Suppers of Eight

*Suppers of Eight is an event we take part in at our church every year that we are able.  This supper is once a month during the months of February through May.  Each month there is an assigned host who provides the meat and holds the dinner in their home.  There are three other couples that are given an assignment to bring a dinner item.  The next month the assignments change and so do the couples. All of this is charted out so it is pretty simple.   It is a great way to get to know others in our church and grow in community and fellowship!  We love it and always love sharing how fun it is with other families.  Have you done something similar?  Please share some experiences if you have!

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