Monday, February 1, 2010

Rite Aid- Only $.01 Out Of Pocket!

Today, I went to Rite Aid to purchase some essentials we were either just about out of or were completely out of. We needed toilet paper and dishwasher detergent. I remembered I had recently gotten my $10 gift certificate from the Holiday Gift of Savings Promotion and decided to use that. So here is what I bought:

1 package 12 roll of Cottenelle toilet tissue-$6.49
-$1 Cottenelle mq from "All You" Magazine=$5.49

1 box of Cascade detergent-$4.49
-$1 Cascade mq from Proctor and Gamble mailout=$3.49

1 bottle Dawn liquid dish soap-$.88

-$10 gift certificate

Total OOP-$.01

Note: I normally would not have paid that much for these items without the gift certificate, but we needed them and we did have the certificate so we might as well use it(and it cost us a penny!)

Now you may be wondering what is Holiday Gift of Savings Promotion? During the month of December Rite-Aid ran a program from November 22-December 24th that if you purchased a certain amount they would send you a gift certificate for an amount. Here is what it entailed: spend $25-$50 (receive $5 gift cert.), spend $50.01-$100 (receive $10 gift cert.), spend $100.01+ (receive $20 gift cert.). The great thing about this is that Rite Aid looks at the pre-coupon spending to qualify you. I never spent anywhere near $50.01 with all my coupons. In addition, most of the purchases were on diapers that were on a good sale!

Above, I mentioned a manufacturer coupon from "All You" magazine. I currently have a subscription to it that I got from Initially I did not really feel like the coupons from the magazine were all that useful but in the last couple of months I have used several and have really found it useful. If you are not familiar with "All You" it contains articles like a lot of other magazines but it also has many more coupons than you would find in any other magazine. As current as today Jenny from Southernsavers has another promotion going on for "All You". I would highly recommend you checking it out!

Lastly, while I was at Rite Aid I also qualified to earn game pieces from their current promotion "The Game of Life". I received a few game pieces from my purchases and not only are they game pieces to win large prizes but they have Rite Aid coupons for name brand products. These can be paired with manufacturer coupons to make savings even greater. Want to learn more? Check out "The Game of Life"!

Have you had any great savings this week or last week? I would love to hear about it! Let me know in the comment section!


  1. I just started Rite Aid shopping this week! I can't wait to get a rebate at the end of the month! I picked up some valentine classroom candy packs for $1.44 each after my wonka candy $1 off IP coupon. :) Do you know if they give you the game of life board at the store or if you need to print it from their website?

  2. They should have the board at the store but mine does not have it. There is a sweet cashier that works there who told me she would hold me one when they came in but I found out yesterday you can just download it off the website. So that is what I am going to do.