Friday, March 5, 2010

*ALL YOU MAGAZINE-$.70 an issue!

If you have been around Simple Savings Mom recently you have heard me share about some great deals I was able to score with coupons from All You Magazine!  I shared about how I spent $.01 at Rite Aid and also on a couple of shopping trips (Bi-Lo and Wal-Mart) where using these coupons helped with major savings.  Well, I have a great offer available to you, my readers for 40 issues of All You Magazine for $.70 an issue!   Isn't that amazing, that is 3 years and 4 months worth!  The purchase price is $2.49 an issue normally.  That is a 71% savings!  Another great thing is that this is available for renewals as well!  I am able to offer this deal for a limited time, only until March 12th.  If you have not checked out All You Magazine before they have high value coupons, more than any other magazine on the market, as well as great articles on saving money in several areas: grocery, beauty, fashion and personal care!  You can also check out their All You website.  So how do you go about getting this great deal?

1)Click here and follow the step by step process to get your order started!

2)You will be charged an initial charge of $40 and then in 24 hours you will be credited $12 making it only $28 or $.70 an issue!  (Reminder, it may take 3-5 days for the credit to show up in your bank records due to the processing time of your individual bank institute.  This time could vary depending on your bank institution.)

3)Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery to begin.

4) If you are renewing please enter your information exactly as it appears on your current subscription.  Your renewed subscription will take over where your current one ends.

*Jenny from Southern Savers offered a similar deal a couple of weeks ago, so I know this is a legit opportunity.  I wanted to check it out first before I offered it to you, my readers.

In addition, I wanted to share with you that I will receive $3 per purchase that I am giving to The Hannah Wilkins Transplant Fund.  This is a fund that is near to our families heart because a daughter of one of our dear friends is at Egleston Hospital fighting off infections due to Post Transplant Lymphoproliferative Disease,PTLD.  Hannah had a heart transplant 4 years ago when she was 3 months old.  Her health has been doing well until a few months ago.  I do not understand all the terminology but I know that she is weak and the doctors are not completely sure of how to treat her and all the causes.  In the last few months  she has been in and out of the hospital a few times and currently is there until they can get her stable and healthy again.  Her family is from Augusta, and Hannah and her mother are living in Atlanta right now and her dad and brother and sister are traveling back and forth from Augusta fairly regularly.  They are currently dealing with mounting hospital costs, traveling costs, and living costs.  This fund was set up to assist with their financial needs as this family is trusting the Lord and battling this illness.  As a fundraiser I want to give my $3 profit from each purchase to this fund to help offset the costs for them.  So not only will you be getting a great magazine with lots of great coupons you will also be helping a family in need!  Go here for the most recent update on Hannah.

You can also write a $28 check directly to Campus Fundraiser if you prefer to pay this way to get your magazine subscription.  The following is the address to send your check to:

Campus Fundraiser
144 Turnpike Road
Suite 240
Southborough, MA 01772
(make sure to put Simple Savings Mom in the memo line)

If you would like to give directly to The Hannah Wilkins Transplant Fund please send a check made out to The Hannah Wilkins Transplant Fund to:

Pam Wilkins
Attn: Hannah Wilkins Transplant Fund
2721 Springwood Drive
Augusta, GA 30909

*This is a fundraiser it is not a tax deductable donation.  I just wanted to clarify.

I am so excited to offer this opportunity to all of you and I want to raise lots of money for this family and their daugter!  Thanks for your participation!

If you have any questions about transactions or subscriptions questions you can contact Campus Fundraiser represenatives: Alisha Kilham at or Maura Rojos at

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  1. thanks for helping out our family kathy! you are such a sweet friend! i visited hannah and krissy yesterday and she is doing a little better for now. cant wait to sign up for this great deal! -Rebecca