Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Birthday Parties On A Dime

This week we celebrated our youngest pumpkin turning one.  I love this precious age!  As I began thinking about his birthday party I decided to challenge myself to be creative and try not to spend even a dime on his party.  How could we throw a thematic party without spending anything?  Here is what we did:

I had already purchased some penguin (Madegascar themed) plates on clearance after Christmas for $.50 each (3 packs) and 2 packs of napkins at $.50 each.  Using this animal theme I started looking around the house for animals toys and books (idea from Storytime at our library) that we could use for decorations.

I also decided to bake my own cake using staples we already had on hand and some ingredients that we had purchased  for Once A Month Cooking.  I also put together a cherry pie (graham crust, cherry pie filling, and cool whip) all which had been bought a couple of months ago at Bi-Lo on sale with coupons (of course).  If I remember correctly, the graham crust was $.50, cherry pie filling-$.50, and cool whip-$.25, so about $1.25 in all.  The frosting for the cake had been about $.50 if not cheaper.

I made his 1st year birthday hat out of construction paper, which he did not want to wear as you can tell!  We also blew up some balloons that had been leftover from a dollar store purchase.

The Final Product: A Very Happy One Year Old!

What creative and frugal things have you done for birthdays in your home?  Please share what you have done, we have lots of birthdays in the future!

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  1. Way to go Mom. What these little guys really remember is not the decorations but that they are loved.