Monday, March 29, 2010

Once A Month Cooking In April

I am so looking forward to this month's Once A Month Cooking!  Here is a couple of recaps from my past OAMC adventures in February and March.  In February we tackled a couple of bread and muffin recipes as well as beans and casseroles.  In March we tried premaking some meats to add to recipes and dinners as well as more muffins and bread.  This month I have some new ventures to try.

In the last couple of  months I have been making bannana bread mostly but not dinner and sandwich breads. Since I have enjoyed OAMC so much I began wondering if I could just make our dinner and sandwich bread instead of always buying it.  I also have been thinking the same thing about biscuits too.  I feel like we have kept Pilsbury in business with how much we eat their biscuits.  So this month I am going to try my hand at those too.

I am also trying two new casserole dishes that I am really excited to make.  So here is our round up for this month of what I will be making:

It is a smaller version of Once A Month Cooking because we will be pretty busy this week.  I will be cooking on Wednesday, March 31st.  Would you like to join? You can join Money Saving Mom and Life As Mom as well as others in this facebook group and you can also follow on twitter at #OAMC.   I will be posting the recipes in a wrap up post on Thursday, so check back!


  1. I have been thinking that I might like to participate this month! Now that caed is in school, breakfasts and lunches are more challenging for me. Also, we have baseball two nights a week, and having some easy dinners would be nice. Even just prepping things like diced onion and bell peppers and throwing them in the freezer would be helpful.
    I think I might make:
    cranberry oat muffins
    modified smitten kitchen granola bars
    handpies (like hot pockets) with different fillings

    I will have to think about this a little more!

  2. I'd like to participate but I'm not a traditional OAMC - I cook for 1 (sometimes 2 if it's vegetarian) and I spread the cooking out over days and sometimes a week.

    Do I still qualify?

  3. Sure Connie, Whatever works for you and your needs! I do mine mostly in one day but I have split it into two as well. Just make it work for you. I would love to hear your vegetarian recipes!

    Laurel, So excited! Please share your recipes later. I love the hotpies idea! Everything you are making sounds great!