Friday, March 12, 2010

Savings for the Week, Mar.6-Mar.12

  Happily we came under our $200 budget in February by $20.  Any little bit saved is great!  We had a little larger shopping week this week than last and here is how we spent it:


Transaction 1:
Gold Medal Flour $2.38
-$.75 mq
Final Price=$1.63

Cheerios $1.98
-$1 mq from Pampers diapers package
Final Price-$$.98

Wesson Oil $2.48
-$1 mq from Con Agra mailout
Final Price-$1.48

3 cans Hormel Chili Master $1.67 each
-(3) $.50 mq (doubled)
Final Price=$.67 each

6 boxes Muellers Whole Wheat Noodles/Rotoni $1 each
-(6) $.55 mq (doubled)
Final Price= $.60 overage (went toward rest of the bill)

2 bottles on International Delight Creamer $1.66 each
-(2) $.55 mq (doubled)
Final Price=$.56 each

Pompaian Olive Oil $3.44
-$1 mq
Final Price=$2.44

3 Bottles of  Sunny D $1 each
-(3) $.25 mq (doubled)
Final Price=$.50 each

1 cup Yoplait yogurt $.50
-Free mq from Savvy Blogging event
Final Price=Free

1 pack of Trix Yogurt $2.82
-Free mq from Savvy Blogging event
Final Price=Free

2 cartons Large eggs $.98 each

Birds Eye Spinach $1.61
- $.50 mq (doubled)
Final Price=$.61

3 packs Birds Eye veggies $1.32
-(3)$.50 mq (doubled)
Final Price=$.32 each

Bananas $1.14

Total OOP=$14.60($15.60 w/tax)
Total before sales and coupons=$57.13
Percentage of Savings-$75%

 Transaction 2:

2 bottles All Detergent (50 oz.)  $2.85 each
-(2) $2 mq
Final Price=$.85 each

Total OOP=$1.68($2.08 w/tax)
Total before sales and coupons=$11.38
Savings of 85%

Transaction 3:

4 bags Emerald Nuts Trail Mix $1.19 each
-(4) $1 mq
Final Price=$.19 each

2 Jars White House Applesauce $.84 each

Sara Lee bread $1.99
-$.55 mq (doubled)
Final Price=$.89

2 containers Argo Baking Powder $.86 each (Closeout)
-(2) $.40 mq (doubled)
Final Price=$.06 each

2 bottles Dial handsoap $.89
-(2) $.35 mq (doubled)
Final Price=$.19 each

2 containers Smart Balance Sour Cream $1.50
-(2) $.55 mq from in store dispenser (did not double)
Final Price=$.95 each

Total OOP=$5.73($6.17 w/tax)
Total before sales and coupons=$27.35
Percentage of Savings 79%


This is the deal that I posted here.
3 Packs of Pampers Cruiser Diapers $9.99 each
1 tub of Pampers wipes $2.49
-$5/$20 Video Values mq
-(3) $2 mq for Pampers Cruisers
-$.50 mq for Pampers wipes
Total OOP=$20.96 ($22.88 w/tax)
*Submitted for SCR #18 and will receive $10 Rite Aid Gift Card


2 Boxes of raisins $1.58 each
Total OOP=$3.16 ($3.25 w/tax)

We ended up spending $50.06 for the whole week. $.06 over our weekly budget but we were under for February and added that money to March.  I am looking forward to sharing with you soon about our February wrap up of our financial goals.  How did your week go?

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