Friday, March 19, 2010

Savings for the Week, March 13-20

We had a rather small shopping week due to lots of traveling as you can see.  Just to let you know this is not us but it was a cute picture so I decided to share it.  We have been on the go since last Thursday and are still on the road.  I did want to share our savings during this time, but it will be more of a synopsis and no pics.  I love sharing the pictures but it was low on the priority list this week but here is what we bought:


3 Gillette Body Washes $1.79 each
-(3) $1 Gillette Body Wash mq
Final Price=$.79 each

6 Gillette Body Washes $1.79 each
-(3) $4/2 Gillette Body Wash mq
Final Price= $.21 overage each

Travel Size Tide $.99
-$1 Tide mq
Final Price=$.01 overage

Total before coupons=$17.10
Total OOP=$1.10 ($2.30 w/tax)
Savings of 93%


4 bottles of Prego Heart Smart $1.25 each
-(4) $1 Prego mq
Final Price=$.25 each

2 containers of Greek Yogurt $1.19 each
-(2) Free Yogurt mq
Final Price=Free

Total Before Coupons =$7.38
Total OOP=$1
Savings of 86%

My husband loves Gillette Body Wash so this was an exciting deal!  Also we have lots of pasta noodles and just a little sauce so this Prego sauce will make for some great spaghetti dishes in our near future!  Did you get any great deals this week?  Would love to hear about them!

Photo Credit: Shward

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