Thursday, April 15, 2010

B1G1 Cloth Diapers!

Never say never!  I said I would never use cloth diapers well....  I may be changing my mind.  My friend Reba, was sharing her new cloth diapering experiences on facebook and I became very intrigued.  My main motivator is saving us money!!  Our biggest and most consistent OOP cost is for disposable diapers and honestly I just don't want to pay for them anymore.  Well, I am not sure that I can go completely disposable free but I am at least trying to go half and half.  It has to at least diminish the cost!

Then, I saw this great deal from Deal Seeking Mom for a free bumGenius diaper with a $10 purchase of bumGenius, Flip or Econobum.  Sounds good to me!  So we are going to give them a try.  I bought 1 bumGenius (All-in-one) for $15.95, paid $2.58 for shipping for a grand total of $18.53 and got a free diaper (B1G1)!

If you are already a cloth diaper expert, The Thrifty Mama has a great deal that you will want to check out too!

So here is where you come in, anyone a cloth diaperer out there?  What thoughts or experience do you have for this novice?  I would love to hear!

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