Monday, April 19, 2010

Mini Once A Month Cooking Day

So we went a little off schedule and tradition this month.  Typically, in the past few month of Once A Month Cooking I have spent only one to two days a month to cook and bake for the month.  For the first time we ate almost straight through our biscuit and bread supply.  Yes, they were that yummy! So I took Saturday morning to restock our biscuit and bread supply to last us through the rest of the month and (hopefully) through the middle of the month of May.

I made 3 batches of biscuits ( I would have made more but we ran out of self-rising flour) but I think that should make us through.  I also made one more loaf of wheat bread. Now, we are set to go!  Here are the recipes that I used this Saturday.  Also, I wanted to share a couple of resources for your future Once A Month Cooking ventures.  If you are wanting a flexible schedule with OAMC, I read this great resource from a reader at Once A Month Mom.  Jessica from Life As Mom has several great articles on "Freezer Cooking" (look under "good eats" for her articles on Freezer cooking).  Crystal from Money Saving Mom has some great recipes for freezer cooking (look under "categories", "recipes", "freezer-friendly")

How is your Once A Month Cooking meals gone this month?  Have you been enjoying them as we have?

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