Monday, April 5, 2010

Moving It Out Monday

This week we are preparing for a yard sale, actually a moving sale.  We have put our house on the market and are trying to clean up and clean it out. My husband was going to host the moving sale this past weekend but instead he spent most of his time painting and cleaning the inside of our house to prepare it to show.  This week we will be going through all of our things and deciding what to sale and what to keep.  I thought it would be fun to share our preparation with all of you since I am sure some of you will be hosting yard sales this spring or have hosted them in the past.

So far here is our plan of what to go through:

Our clothes
Kids clothes
Baby Items

We are attempting to pare down in almost every area of our life since we do not know where we will be living next.  If you are interested in paring down and simplifying life in the area of clothing my friend Laurel from Happy At Home has two great articles on this.  One of them is on simplifying your personal wardrobe "A Seasonal Uniform" and the other is on simplifying your children's wear "A Child's Daily Uniform".  Her blog is like an ongoing journal so just scroll down to read her articles.  These posts have been a great challenge for me!

This will be our third yard sale that we will be hosting.  The others have been a great success, even in the rain!  I will be sharing on Wednesday some tips on hosting a successful yard sale from our past experiences.

Do you have any successful yard sale tips?  I would love to hear them! We might even implement them this weekend!

Photo Credit: Pareerica

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