Friday, April 9, 2010

Our Kmart Super Doubles Finish!

I just wanted to remind everyone that Kmart's Super Doubles Event will end tomorrow, April 10th.  Since we will be busy hosting our moving sale I made the last of my trips today.  I wanted to share with you our last 3 transactions, 1 on Wednesday and 2 today:

Transaction 1:(Wednesday)

2 Silky Touch Bic Razors $3.49 each
-(2) $2/1 mq (doubled)
Final Price=Free

3 Packages Halls Cough Drops $1.99 each
-(3) $1/1 mq (doubled)
Final Price=Free

Total OOP=Free ($.49 w/tax)

Transaction 2: (Friday)

Crest Mouthwash $5.49
-$2/1 mq (doubled)
Final Price=$1.49

2 bottles of Lysol Toilet Cleaner $2.29 each
-(2) $1/1 mq (doubled)
Final Price=$.29 each

2 bottles of KY Jelly $4.59 each
-(2) $2/1 mq (doubled)
Final Price=$.59 each

Total OOP=$3.25 ($4.04 w/tax)

Transaction 3: (Friday)

4 packages of First Aid Kits $1.05 each
-(4) $1/1 mq doubled)
Final Price=Free

Total OOP=Free ($.28 w/tax)

* Total OOP with last 3 transactions (14 items)=$3.25 ($4.81)

These are all items we were needing so it worked out perfectly!  In fact while we were out this morning my oldest  scrapped his knee and needed a bandage, so we got 4 of them!  I went to Kmart to do Transaction 2 today and when I was checking out I got to talking to people in line and left without my coupon book.  I left Kmart and went to another store and as I was getting out of the car I realized that I had forgotten it.  I  quickly turnned around and went back to Kmart.  I found it thankfully, and while I was there I remembered I needed the bandages and got those as well!    In all this week I got 16 items for free this week 7 items in our trip earlier this week and 9 items in the last couple of days!  All in all it was a great week for us

Were you able to get in on Kmart's Super Doubles?  If so, what deals were you able to score?

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