Thursday, April 8, 2010

Yard Sale(ing) It!

So we are just a couple days away from our yard/moving sale and unfortunately nothing has quite gone as planned.  Our house is pretty chaotic right now and with both of us working, getting ready for the sale has been slower in progress than I had wanted. Though we are not on top of our game right now I did want to share some tips from our past experiences that may be helpful and please feel free to share your own as well:

Price to sell  I know this may seem like a no brainer but I have been to yard sales where the items where way overpriced!  One thing that has helped us is to ask the question, "If I went to a yard sale at someone's house how much would I be willing to pay for this?"  Of course we all want to make money on our sale but asking this question may help prevent potential buyers from walking away empty handed.

Everything is negotiable  With this attitude you can sell just about anything.  The only thing to consider is, is the item worth more to you than what you will make on it if the price goes really low?   We have had a couple of things in the past that we have said no to in the negotiation process because we felt like the offer was just way too low.  I would set a bottom line price and not go under it if you feel this item is more valuable to you than letting it go for next to nothing.  If you are just wanting it all gone, make it all negotiable and it will sell!

Work Ahead  In the ideal situation I would suggest setting out boxes during the week before and as you go through your house put your items in boxes with like items. This makes them easier to sort the night before and put out the day of the sale.  It will also make it easier for you when you are ready to price them too.

Be Prepared Have stickers and pens handy to price the items the night before.  If you have a money bag or box for your change gather that the night before too.  Lastly, make sure to have change ready for the next morning.  We completely forgot about this the morning of our first sell and we had to run to the grocery store to get change while people waited!  Not good!

The morning of Make sure to get up plenty early, your customers will be! In the past, we have been setting things out at 6 am and people are already ready to go.  One fun idea is to have donuts available for your customers. We have done this and it really did make it fun for everyone.

Consolidate As You Go If you used boxes to separate your items earlier in the week it will make it easier to put things out in like categories the day of the sale.  And as people purchase items (hopefully lots of them) continue to consolidate, still keeping like items together, just more collected.  This will make it easier for you to gather things up at the end of the sale, if you have any leftovers!

What to Do With What Is Left Another practical tip is having a plan for what you will do with what is left at the end of your sale.  Will you hold onto it? Give it to goodwill, or another charity?  We have found in the past that it is more efficient for us if we take what is leftover to our designated place (usually Goodwill) right after the sale.  It helps to just go ahead and get it out of the way!

The funny thing is that even as I have been writing this I am remembering there are still lots of things to for us to do.  In fact I may use this as my own personal checklist!

Have any great yard/moving sale suggestions?  I would love to hear!

Photo Credit: Nesster


  1. If you are selling a lot of clothes, the easiest way to display them is sort them in boxes by sizes and write the sizes on the outside of the box. They stay a lot more organized that way, rather than just out on a table where they have the tendency to get mixed up. At our last sale we did it this way and sold probably 3x the amount of clothes than we had at previous sales.

  2. Thanks Stormy for the suggestion! That is a great idea! We have lots of boxes so we may do just that! Thanks for your help.