Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Coupon Clippers

The Coupon Clippers

I know that sometimes it can be a little frustrating with your coupon inserts if you do not live in a metropolitan city.  We live in a small town and my mom has generously been sending us her coupon inserts for over a year now from Atlanta.  In reality, that is the only way that we are able to get a lot of the great deals!  Not everyone has a mom that is able to do this however, so I have been doing a little research to help you get some of those great coupons, if they are not available in your area.  One of the best resources for coupons when they are unavailable to you, is Coupon Clippers!  They have tons of coupons available on their site!

Simply, head over to Coupon Clippers and begin searching for your specific coupons! You can search for them alphabetically, by subject, or even by how "hot" they are.  They only charge a small fee for them and for handling. There is a required minimum purchase but  you can read up on all that you need to know in the FAQ section. I think this is a great way to get some HOT coupons for some great deals!

Have you tried Coupon Clippers before?

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