Saturday, May 8, 2010

Donations: Couponing For Community

While we have been out of town for most of the week I still wanted to take part in Couponing For Community!  It has been so exciting to see all that people are giving and how they are blessing others with what they have been blessed with.  A couple of days ago, I shared My Plan for Couponing For Community which entails giving to a family, an individual and an organization.  We have already given to the family and this weekend and early next week I will be dropping off our donations to an individual and the organization.

So here is what we have given and will be giving:

Family Donation

Individual Donation

Organization: Women's Shelter Donation

I want to thank Kaley from Cha Ching On A Shoe String for coordinating this effort!  I have been so encouraged by others and have loved participating as well.  My vision has grown for blessing others with all that we have.  Make sure to check out Cha Ching On A Shoe String today, as Kaley will have links of many bloggers and what they have been giving over this past week.  Stop by and be encouraged!

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  1. Awesome! Isn't it so much fun to give?!?!