Thursday, May 20, 2010

Monthly Menu Planning On the Beach

About a month ago I read how Jessica from Life As Mom scheduled her menu planning by the month when she does her Once A Month Cooking.  That sounded interesting at the time but a little overwhelming.  This weekend we arrived at the beach for a month long stay so I decided we might as well give it a try... with a twist!  I have listed two weeks worth of food from what we have on hand for the most part. The rest of the month I am going to fill in with food from sales from Aldi's, Publix, and maybe Wal-Mart.   I brought a large portion of our stockpile of food with us to cut down on the cost of food while we are here.  I figure with a little planning and hopefully some savvy shopping we can make our budget, if not less! Last year we dropped almost $400 on food and household needs for just one month.  Let's just say that was NOT in the budget!

I think that if I go ahead and plan my meals for most of the  month it will hopefully keep us in the black this month and not in the red.  I am hoping to fill the blank numbered slots with dinner options that are on the cheap!  So here is our plan based on the stockpile we brought and weekly groceries we will use to fill in the gaps:

1.Spaghetti and salad
2.Chili and grilled cheese
3.Pineapple chicken and potatoes
4.White Chili Chicken
5.Black bean and corn quesadiallas
6.Bean Soup and grilled cheese
7.Tunafish Sandwiches
8.Spaghetti and salad
9.Mesquite grilled chicken and potatoes
10.Chili and corn bread
11.Breakfast burritos
12.Spaghetti and salad
13.Warm Oatmeal Bake and fruit
14.Black Bean and corn quesadillas
15.Tunafish Sandwiches
16.Breakfast burritos
23.Spaghetti and salad
31.Spaghetti and Salad

So that is our plan! I may go a little out of order but in general I would like to stick to the plan.   If you have any low cost suggestions feel free to share!  I would love to hear them!


  1. On my monthly menue I have a chicken and rice casserole. 2 cups of rice, 2 cups of chicken broth or a combination of water and boullion cubes, 1 can crm of mushroom soup, 1/2 to 1 cup of chopped brocc.,shredded cheese that I have on hand......mix all up.... bake 350 for 45 min. With this I have applesauce and maybe a salad....

  2. Great idea Vicki! I have some of that on hand and if I need more I know I can get it really cheap! Thanks, I am hoping to try it!

  3. Each week we have:

    -Pasta night
    -Breakfast for dinner night
    -Something with beans
    -Seafood Night
    -Soup and Sandwich Night
    -Pizza Night
    -Ethnic Food Night (Mexican or Asian or...)

  4. Nicole, I love your menu plan! It is both diverse and simple! Thanks for the ideas!

  5. Since you're at the beach, I would suggest an evening where you grill out hamburgers!

  6. Thanks for the suggestion! The summer always seems perfect for grilling out!

  7. These are great!
    Some suggestions:
    grilled cheese and tomato soup
    green salad with veggies and grilled chicken
    sloppy joes (canned) and corn
    homemade egg mcmuffins or breakfast for dinner

  8. Suzanne, We love breakfast for dinner! One of our favorites are pancakes and the breakfast burritos we make were a result of having a ton of eggs at one point and cheap burrito wraps because of coupons. Thanks for your ideas!

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  10. Meal planning is a great idea. I recently purchased Cook'n Recipe Organizer and it makes meal planning so easy. I just input my recipe, Put it on a weekly menu, and Cook'n can print out my menu, and even generate a shopping list for me.

  11. Great idea Jeffrey! I am going to check it out!