Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Plan: Couponing for Community

I am so excited to be a part of the Couponing for the Community event!  It has been overwhelming to see the incredible response from both readers and bloggers who want to share a part of their stash for others in need!  There are over 200 participants and 65 bloggers taking part!  Thanks to Kaley from Cha Ching On A Shoestring for dreaming up and coordinating this effort!  This event was even highlighted on MSN's SmartSpending! I have been thinking and praying about what our family should do this week and here is our plan:

We are going to be giving to a family, an individual and an organization that are dear to our hearts. 

The Family- One of our dearest friends just lost their 4 year old daughter last week.  She had a heart transplant when she was only 3 months old.  We love them dearly and I have wanted to in a small way give to them so that they would not have to think for some daily necessities.  It is a small way to give but I really wanted to do something tangible.

An Individual-My husband and I work with a ministry to college students and some of them don't have very much.  One of our college friends in particular never complains but has the least of all of them.  I love giving to him because he is so grateful for whatever and I know it is truly helping

Women's Shelter-I checked out the needs in our community and the one that stood out to me was a women and children's shelter.  Being a woman obviously helps me to identify but also having children of my own I want to do what I can in a small way to provide.  When I contacted the shelter the woman who answered sounded a little surprised when I told her what I wanted to do and seemed really excited about whatever we could provide.

I am so grateful for all that we as a family have and how couponing has really provided for us this year as we have been on our own journey to pay off debt and live a more frugal life.  This is a great opportunity to give as we have received so much, and be a blessing to others as we have been blessed.

Even if you don't have a stash you can still participate! Amy at Saving with Amy has a list of freebies and cheapies for this week!  How can your family participate this week?  I would love to hear your plans and ideas!  We will be donating ours at the end of this week and at the early part of next week because we are traveling now.  What a blessing to be a part of!

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