Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Seeing Your Clothing With Fresh Eyes (Shopping Out of the Closet)

I recently shared with you about our Shopping Out of the Closet Challenge that we are taking on for the rest of this year. Our goal is to not buy any clothes for the rest of the year, unless absolutely necessary.   In the last couple of days I have been packing us up for our Daytona trip that will last until late June.  That means a lot of clothes for us and the boys!  During the packing and preparation process I feel like I have been learning a couple of things about our clothing situation.

1) If you are shopping only what you have in your closet it forces you to be more creative.  By only shopping the clothes that we already have I have fresh new eyes for outfits and matching options.  Before, if I have not had the "perfect outfit"  I would just go plop down some money for something new.  Of course I would still love to run out and get those things but we really don't need them and utilizing what we have is forcing me to think out of the box and more creative.

2) Especially with the boys it has forced me to be resourceful.  Recently Trey (our oldest) needed socks and underwear and instead of buying them right out I returned some unused items others had purchased for them to get the items that they needed. Consigniment stores can be great too if you have credit at a store.  They often have socks, shoes, and new underwear that you can get with your in store credit.

3) I am learning new levels of contentment in our clothing categories.  There are always new and cute styles out and of course I would love them but I keep coming back to, "Do we need them?".  The answer is usually No!  I would like them, but we don't need them.  In the midst of this, I am finding contentment in using what we have and even thankfulness that we have multiple clothing options as it is.

Update from last month:  The only thing we purchased in the past month was a pair of socks and tie for a wedding we went to a couple of weeks ago.  We had traveled out of town for the wedding and forgot them at home.  Oops!

Photo Credit: Elixr!

How are you doing with Shopping Out of Your Closet?  What are you learning in the journey?

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