Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summer Fun and Freebies!

Due to the fact we are living away from home for a whole month, we are taking lots of opportunities to be creative and resourceful in keeping our little guys busy and occupied! I am committed to keeping our activities as frugal as possible as well.  We have had so much fun, so I wanted to share some of our frugal and fun activities that we have been taking part in:
  1. The beach-This one is a little obvious because we are living at hotel on the beach, but it has kept us plenty occupied.  We have been enjoying the use of 3 pools too!(regular pool, baby pool, and indoor pool)
  2. The library-I love the library that we are near in Florida.  It is amazing! The have a fun and interactive Storytime for preschoolers 3 days a week! They host it twice during the week and another one on Saturday with a craft.  Have I mentioned their playroom?  It is huge!  They have a ton of toys and lots of room to run and play, perfect for us!
  3. Book stores and the mall-On those rainy days we have another option besides the library, Books A Million and the mall.   There is a Books A Million in the mall that has a train set that the boys love to play with, and I love the coffee!  Right outside the bookstore is an indoor playground with a breakfast theme.  Ever considered a piece of bacon as a slide?  The boys love it!
  4. Parks-There are several parks within a 5 mile radius of where we are.  The boys have a favorite though, a firetruck playground!  The playsets are all firetrucks and firestations.  How fun!
  5. Creativity-We have had some fun "picnics" in our hotel room as well as our own "storytime" reading, and rereading all their favorites!
Many of the free options I found with just a little investigative work and scouting them out either on the internet or over the phone.  I have been amazed at all the free options of activities and entertainment available.  Frugal and fun, right up my alley! 

*I have found that one of the best ways to find freebie activities before we take a trip is to look up the Visitor's Bureau for the city that we are visiting.  Have you used this as a resource on your trips?

What about you?  What frugal and fun activities do you do when you are on vacation or away from home?

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